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DrUMM Mobile Clinic


The Doctors for United Medical Missions (DrUMM) are engaging the challenge of the HIV / AIDS pandemic. Currently, AIDS claims over 8,000 lives every day. We believe that the key to success in a global campaign is empowerment through education. Preventive measures are the only proven method of stemming the reach of this indiscriminate killer. A segment of the world that has been hit especially hard is Africa, where this disease has claimed entire villages and orphaned a staggering number of children. Through ongoing medical missions to Africa, DrUMM has witnessed the impact of this deadly disease. In response, DrUMM is working towards the acquisition of an HIV / AIDS mobile clinic resource for HIV / AIDS education and prevention efforts. Our efforts abroad provide valuable medical care for patients and instruction in state-of-the-art practices and continued medical education for healthcare providers. The mobile clinic would facilitate the testing, treatment, and preventive services crucial to engaging this challenge.

Fundraising for an HIV / AIDS Mobile Clinic

The Doctors for United Medical Missions are currently seeking donations towards the purchase of an HIV / AIDS mobile clinic for deployment in Africa. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution that will furnish a direct benefit to an area of the world that is in desperate need. You may donate to this cause using the secure online Donation page. Please specify "Mobile Clinic" in the memo field for online donations.

HIV / AIDS Mobile Clinic 5K Run

DrUMM is conducting its first HIV / AIDS Mobile Clinic 5K Run in 2005. This event will be more than just another race; it will be educational as well as inspirational and fun for the whole family. Planned activities are inclusive of all ages, such as offering races for the younger children. As an effort to increase awareness for the #1 killer of African-American men and women aged 25 to 44, multiple groups will attend the race event to distribute educational material about HIV/AIDS. Not only could this be a life changing event for individuals at the event, it will also raise money for the HIV/AIDS Mobile Clinic that DrUMM plans to deploy in Africa. Further details on the 5K run will be posted to this site as they become available.